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Super-Cheap “Training Wheels” Quadcopters

For everyone wanting to learn to fly a multicopter, buying a super-cheap “nanocopter” or similar models that are mostly meant for indoor use can be a good option futura bold download kostenlos. Rather than spending close to $1000 right away, buying a $30 to just over $50 copter first is a more reasonable approach than risking to damage more costly equipment due to beginner mistakes and initial crashes — and make no mistake, these are certain to happen herunterladen.

Even the most advanced auto-flying systems and “SAFE” flying modes cannot — and will not — prevent those crashes. They may be more or less painful (and the damage done to the copter may be more or less severe), but trying things out on a super-cheap one first will limit the risk of loss significantly and can only be recommended to any newbie out there herunterladen.


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