Super-Cheap “Training Wheels” Quadcopters

Blade Pico "training wheels" mini quadcopter.
For everyone wanting to learn to fly a multicopter, buying a super-cheap “nanocopter” or similar models that are mostly meant for indoor use can be a good option futura bold download kostenlos. Rather than spending close to $1000 right away, buying a $30 to just over $50 copter...
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Blade 200 QX

Blade 200QX mini quadcopter
One of the very basic but meaningful quadcopters is the Blade 200 QX by HorizonHobbies. Offering everything a full-fledged quadcopter needs and is usually equipped with at the minimum, the Blade 200 QX is ideal for everyone wanting to learn how to fly RC multicopters without spending lots...
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Parrot Low-Cost Quadcopters

The Parrot AR mini drone.
arduino download kostenlos A cheap and useful introduction to multicopter flying for everyone new to drones or to “droning” is the Parrot AR quadcopter. The Parrot AR drone has come a relatively long way foto's van google foto's. It originated from a simple unit with a foam cover...
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DJI Phantom 2 Vision

One of the first well-rounded consumer quadcopters to hit the market was the Phantom-2 manufactured by DJI herunterladen. As they happen to also be the manufacturers of highly developed modern electronic stabilizers and camera accessories under the Ronin brand, DJI were destined to be among the first movers...
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Multicopter Aerial Photography, Filming: Do It Responsibly

DJI Phantom 3 Professional AP/V aerial photo/video professional prosumner consumer quadcopter
The increased availability and lowered hurdles of entry for multicopter use AKA “drone flying” are sometimes bringing about unpleasant encounters between hobbyists and/or semi-professional multicopter users on one hand and authorities on the other ringtones for mobile for free. While it may seem easy to immediately sympathize with...
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The Right Equipment

The right equipment is, obviously, the foundation of your AP/V work. This has always been the same, from the early days in the 80s when a good 16mm film camera or a high-quality SLR was the main ingredient in any successful filming or photography assignment right to today’s...
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