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Good Aerial Photo Shots Continue to Be in Demand

Aerial photography and videography used to be hyped up and sung to be the new “next thing” for a number of years, particularly when good-quality quadcopters, AP/V platforms or “drones”, as they are popularly known, where the latest toys in town herunterladen. These times have gone, at least to some degree.

The truth is that hardly anybody will pay you for your drone flying around with some camera strapped to it herunterladen. Neither if you shoot and try to produce sellable photos or video footage that way. To be able and sell your image output, you need to use a little more finesse and offer a somewhat more sophisticated product lebenslaufen word. Usually, an edited video that incorporates both aerial shots and regular ones taken from a stationary camera on a conventional tripod will do a good job, especially when edited properly and professionally composed herunterladen. These are pleasant to watch — from the viewers point of view– and not only fund to produce for the drone owner! And we should all have figured out by now that it’s usually about the viewer, the human visitor to a website (when it comes to internet search and SEO) or theĀ benefit you provide others that make your product successful fs dvdvideosoft free studio download kostenlos.

In line with this, there is one other type of imagery that sells nicely — and that is good aerial images or drone photo shots that are technically good and feature useful image content outlook 2016en windows 10. A real-life example is the image below that actually sells okay on Shutterstock and has gotten multiple downloads so far, despite the fact that it’s actually nothing out of the ordinary filme von br mediatheken. Have a look yourself and decide whether or not it’s worth a shot to produce something like that yourself.

stock image of Great Lake islands on sunny day blue skies drone photography

This image is used with the permission of the photographer and for illustration purposes in the exact representation you’d find it on Shutterstock.com. To download unmarked original photo, check purchasing and licensing options on Shutterstock.

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