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Five Tips for Making a Top Aerial Marketing Video

That Video is one of the best tools there is for both internet and traditional marketing campaigns is not a secret anymore. Moving images are rapidly gaining popularity among businesses. Significantly higher levels of visitor engagement have been shown time and again in statistics of all kinds, increases in conversion rates, and improved search engine optimization results when video is used in marketing activities are also a widely-known fact.

All kinds of publishers, bloggers, and commercial websites have a huge need for quality content. Content was king since the very beginning of internet use for commercial purposes. Todayy, it’s not “just content” anymore but it is Video Content that is King. Content with related video simply scores highest.

Well-produced videos are just what’s needed to catch the attention of website visitors. Good for us, we produce it. Good aerial video is not the Holy Grail by and of itself though. Any aerial video needs to be part of an overall product reasonably crafted in order to work its magic.

The five tips listed below explain the use of video to improve internet selling and SEO, and also draw in more customers both online and off in general:

1. Pre-Production: Draft an actionable plan with solid marketing goals for your video before you have it shot.

2. Create high-quality videos: not meaning a big-time production firm (expensive), but having the video shot with a few simple techniques in mind.

3. Hosting videos on your own domain: YouTube or Vimeo and similar may seem convenient but they will not let you have the benefit of increased web traffic to your own website.

4. Optimize your videos with good meta descriptions, tags and keywords.

5. Use social media to spread the word across social media.

Using the above techniques for aerial videos is as important as it is for conventional or “tripod-ed” video shot from the ground. There is absolutely no reason to believe that “just flying around a drone” is all there is for success, but what’s tested and proven by the pors for a long time also holds true for supposedly new genres.



Written by Guest Contributor Mark Mage for steadiflite.com.

Mark is a Freelance Technology, Finance, and Travel Writer and an avid aerial photographer and drone video pilot. To see some of his most recent shots, visit his stock image portfolio or follow Mark’s Twitter profile http://twitter.com/markmagedotcom/.

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