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DJI Phantom 2 Vision

One of the first well-rounded consumer quadcopters to hit the market was the Phantom-2 manufactured by DJI.

As they happen to also be the manufacturers of highly developed modern electronic stabilizers and camera accessories under the Ronin brand, DJI were destined to be among the first movers to catch the wave (right when it started building).

Much has happened since Phantom-2 quadcopters came to market, and a wide selection of both original and copycat products have been released since. Apart from DJI’s models, the more general “drone scene” has been largely unimpressed by ready-to-fly and similar beginner equipment and has evolved in a quite separate corner of the market.

From Devcon presentations to highly specialized blogs and niche publications, the overall selection of multicopters has become increasingly impressive and is worth being checked upon by a series of dedicated posts.

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