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Advanced AP/V Tool: The Tarot T960 Hexacopter

There is a lot of discussion out there about which platform is the most suitable for AP/V (aerial photo and video) applications.

While there are a number of suitable smaller quadcopter systems available and while their number is steadily increasing, the fact still remains that the larger a UAS is the better its results will be when it comes to AP/V, and to video footage production in particular go to download an online app.

Larger “wings” are more stable in windy conditions, and stability is what you want: video footage needs to set itself apart from amateur shots that are not only shaky but also usually panning and jumping around all the time 4k youtube to mp3 herunterladen. You do not want to “produce” an eyesore or anything that is not pleasant to watch for your audience, let alone the audience of a paying client gimp 2 for free german windows! So it is essential to find a stable platform first, and second to know inside-out how to fly it.

The flat-out best copter for the money is IMHO the Tarot T960 hexacopter (or its little T810 brother), if AP/V or any kind of serious application is what you’re after penalty for illegal music. As an AP/V Tool: The Tarot T960 is affordable and top-notch quality and payload, combining the best of both worlds. This airframe is nicely introduced and featured in the below clip from a video featuring the Tarot T960 google play error whening.

Equipped with the right camera, you are ready to go for good aerial video footage for all kinds of commercial, editorial, and/or semi-professional uses alike mp3 music zum downloaden. A good setup is shown and nicely visible towards the end of the video clip below:


Availability and sourcing options for products mentioned in this post:

Buy it from and support an independent vendor here: http://www.foxtechfpv.com/tarot-t960-naza-v2-artf-combofree-shipping-p-1160.html

or check out this item on Amazon.com

Please note that buying from the Chinese manufacturers is a “distinct Chinese” experience poker herunterladen. This includes messy language but also deliberate mis-use of common abbreviations and standards: so what they may call ARTF (almost ready-to-fly) is, in fact, in most cases some not even BNF-equivalent kit of parts that is reasonably easy to assemble but lacks both a flight controller and a transmitter herunterladen. Both have to be bought extra which would be okay pricewise, was it not for those misleading item descriptioins. Amazon comes with its own set of question marks, doubtful policies and issues well-known among informed buyers herunterladen.

Also mentioned in this post: the smaller but equally capable and slightly lower-cost Tarot T810Hexacopter

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  1. That means you will get 15 minutes of Non-Stop and Stable movie quality footage, this is the tool to get it done! Flip the leg down and it will be secured in place, will not retract unless you move that spring loaded silver pin.

    1. steadiflite.com says:

      Excellent point, thanks for adding this remark. That feature is yet another nicety about this product, on top of the already fantastic flying time you can get out of it (even expandable when altering batteries/using different spec battery sources etc).

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